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The New Face of Manufacturing

From Repetition to Digital Revolution

The new face of manufacturing is a digital revolution.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing tremendous change. The industrial revolution brought us assembly lines and mass production. The result was a dramatic increase in worker productivity.

The digital revolution brings a host of new opportunities, enabled by data and the power and intelligence of cloud computing. However, it is the talent, skill, and creativity of your people that determine success. Industry leaders needs to recognise that the face of manufacturing is changing.

Technology supports transformation. People make it real. Any company can buy technology. Leaders focus on building teams with the experience, talent, creativity, and energy to drive digital transformation. It’s critical to plan for how the digital revolution will affect the workplace and your ability to recruit and retain the best.

Highly repetitive jobs are ripe for automation. But the larger story is that many job openings in manufacturing go unfilled. There simply aren’t enough people entering the industry. Potential employees hold outdated perceptions: manufacturing is boring, noisy, dirty, and even dangerous.

  • 80% view manufacturing as vital to maintaining economic prosperity
  • 50% believe manufacturing jobs are interesting and rewarding
  • 30% would encourage their children to pursue manufacturing as a career

The good news is that manufacturing work is safer and more interesting than ever. Plus, the world needs an explosion of innovation to meet the demand for sustainable, easily serviced, high-quality products.

This e-book “New face of manufacturing” – outlines the way industry leaders should align their company with the new generation’s values, including innovation, sustainability, and benefiting the social good. Up-and-coming workers expect to use the latest technology and learn how to be brand savvy.

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