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The Manufacturer’s Guide to Digital Transformation

Manufacturing a better future

Manufacturers globally are being disrupted and moving from making products to delivering products-as-a-service. To compete and grow, manufacturing companies need to shift their focus from engineering and production to customer outcomes.

There is a growing skills gap and talent shortage in the workforce. Environmental sustainability has become imperative for manufacturing customers. Fortunately, advances in technology give us the opportunity to impact our people, society, and planet for good.

You need to attract the next generation of talent while training your veteran employees at the pace of innovation. Stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs by identifying the best times and processes to refresh parts, supplies, and equipment.

Historically, the relationship between a manufacturer and its products ended at the point of sale. Today that is changed, with intelligent products at the edge— from large industrial equipment to spray nozzles used in agricultural irrigation—all connected back to the cloud, creating a digital feedback loop.

Those devices at the edge also provide a new connection to customers, allowing manufacturers to offer better services, such as proactive maintenance and remote monitoring, and generate new revenue streams.

In today’s market full of feature-saturated products and super-competitive prices, manufacturers are exploring ways to generate new business value using digital services to build stronger relationships with customers.

By embedding AI into your products now, you can supply personalized and intelligent assistance, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring after your products leave the factory.

While making the transformation to intelligent manufacturing, sustainability should be at the forefront. Deliver social and economic impact by taking advantage of AI to conserve energy. Preserve natural resources through sustainable manufacturing practices to decrease supply chain costs and increase brand integrity.

In the e-book you will explore the four key transformation topics that can help you stay competitive while meeting changing customer needs:

  • Empower your workforce
  • Deliver new services
  • Optimise digital operations
  • Re-imagine manufacturing

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