The Intelligent Enterprise in the Experience Economy for the Mining Industry

Making mining more agile and transparent from the pit to the customer

Disruptive transformation in mining has caused global shift to sustainable energy, volatile market conditions, and profit margin pressures. Mining companies was forced to turn to robots, autonomous vehicles, and sensor equipped gear to increase operational efficiency and develop new services and business models.

At the same time, they face public scrutiny in keeping their license to operate, so they have to find new ways to engage with communities and go beyond minimum standards for safety and sustainability.

To bring this vision to life, however, mining companies must embrace dramatic business transformation driven by the adaption of technical, cultural, and organisational change.

They must tie together siloed systems, often in remote areas with poor network connectivity. Intelligent mines must invest more aggressively in emerging technology as well as make their work environments more attractive for skilled workers and also tie together siloed systems. Subsequently, they must do it all while meeting regulatory oversight and raising their own environmental standards.

Intelligent Enterprise mining will empower you to optimise your operations through the implementation of smart technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud computing. While technology is a key enabler to relevancy within the mining industry, intelligent transformation also depends on people, processes and strategic planning. Implementing new technology in smart ways can bolster performance and empower you to build a Mine of the Future.

This insightful whitepaper discusses the four strategic priorities that can reshape the mining industry.

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