The Intelligent Enterprise for the Healthcare Industry

Delivering value-based, patient-centered care in the Intelligent enterprise for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry faces tremendous change in every aspect of advancing business and the provisioning of health care. Today, the patient journey begins with prevention programs offered prior to admission to secure the well being of patients while capturing and using personal health data.

The value and importance of analysing and using patient data has increased significantly in past years and demand for targeted analysis of patient data will expand in the future. In the experience economy, patients not only require transparent access to their healthcare data, they also expect to be informed about every step of their hospital visit at any time.

Leaders will be motivated to re-evaluate processes and structures to meet their strategic priorities, including:

  1. Improving the patient experience
  2. Subscribing to patient outcomes
  3. Operating smart and efficiently
  4. Enabling data driven decisions
  5. Empowering the workforce

These continuous changes require quick and ongoing adaptations by healthcare providers. Implementing transparent, end to end business processes inspired by patient focused requirements will allow healthcare providers to become intelligent enterprises for the healthcare industry.

SAP creates the foundation and gateways to connect the digital healthcare network to core solutions for care and cure, healthcare management, and healthcare data insights.

This paper explores the trends in the healthcare industry that await us and how SAP will support healthcare providers on their journey to becoming intelligent enterprises.

This whitepaper will focus on:

  • Healthcare in a Digital World
  • Paving the Way for Business Model Innovation
  • Five Priorities for Success
  • And much more

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