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The Futurist CFO’s Guide to Business Model Innovation

Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity

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with Our Exclusive Guide for CFOs and Senior Leaders.

In a world gripped by economic uncertainty, executives face the daily challenge of navigating intricate financial and supply chain decisions. As the business landscape becomes increasingly competitive, deciphering financial data, ensuring compliance, and driving profitability emerge as top priorities. And lately, business model innovation is also something they need to think about.

Adaptation is no longer a luxury but a necessity, prompting businesses to rethink their operating models. It’s not just IT organisations; companies across industries are now leveraging data to craft innovative business models, reshaping how products and services are sold, blurring traditional industry boundaries, and revolutionising customer experiences.

Harnessing Data for Business Model Innovation: Redefining Products, Services, and Customer Experiences

Unlock the potential for loyal, long-term customer relationships through these groundbreaking models, designed to engage customers in unprecedented ways. However, achieving this requires a significant shift in both operational and organisational structures.

The burning question is: where do you start? Fear not, for our global partner crafted an expert guide tailored just for you.

Your Roadmap to Successful Business Model Innovation: Expert Insights from Microsoft

Introducing the Futurist CFO’s Ultimate Guide to Business Model Innovation. In this guide they unpack the following key insights:


  • Navigating the Shift to Services: Explore the current business landscape and why there is such a big shift towards services, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Disruptive New Business Models: Learn which business models are leading the change and causing industry disruption to gain a competitive edge.
  • The Business Operations Experience: Discover five powerful strategies to optimise your financial and operating models, designed to thrive in a service-centric world.

If you’re a CFO or senior business leader seeking to optimise financial and operating models to unlock new revenue streams, this guide is your compass.

Download now to embark on a journey towards financial excellence and secure your position at the forefront of business innovation!

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