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The Future of Manufacturing

An Intelligent Supply Chain

Manufacturers impact every aspect of our daily lives, and are shaping a sustainable future powered and fueled by more sustainable energy sources. As they manufacture the building blocks for smart cars, homes, buildings, cities and grids. Even for the precision agriculture needed to feed the world.

Digital transformation is not simply about adding more technology into existing operations. It requires organisations to re-envision their business models and embrace a different way of bringing together people, information, and processes.

This is especially true of the manufacturing industry where new capabilities and efficiencies are essential. Specially to keep pace with the speed of the market and the evolving expectations of customers, employees, and partners.

To enable this shift, manufacturers must work to unify all aspects of their operations across sales and service, production, supply chain, and beyond. This approach requires data and software solutions with built-in analytics and intelligence. That can ultimately power share insights, enable rapid innovation and anticipate change.

Key Shifts Within The Manufacturing Landscape:

  • Manufacturers move towards B2B2C and product-as-a-service models
  • Digitisation of products and processes drives enhanced efficiencies
  • AI and robotics unlock new jobs and the need for new frontline skills
  • A push for real-time and proactive insights to power responsive operations
  • The promise of 5G connectivity to enhance speed and capabilities
  • Sustainable operations become business (and brand) advantages
  • 3D printing and additive manufacturing make on-demand production and mass customisation viable

Business models are being transformed by connecting people, enabling cross-industry collaboration and bringing end-to-end value to product and service innovation. Eventually to serve evolved global needs and shifting demands.

This e-book report “Future of manufacturing” presents the future state of the manufacturing industry through five forward-looking scenarios that highlight the advantage of digital transformation through the adoption of networked data, connected operations, intelligent automation, and a digitally enabled workforce.

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