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Accelerate your business growth with next generation Data Platforms & Business Applications

Multiple Data Sources

Ingest data from multiple sources in real-time

Automate data warehouse lifecycle

Accelerate your analytics projects, increasing agility and reducing risk.

More apps and users

Catalogue, manage, prepare, and deliver analytics-ready data from all your data sources.

Bolder business insight

Empower users to search & explore Snowflake & other relevant data sources.

Snowflake – Data warehouse automation and ingestion. World-class data analytics.

To lead in the digital age, where real-time decisions are critical, you need to be able to easily access and analyze the latest and most accurate data. Qlik offers an end-to-end enterprise solution for Snowflake that continuously ingests all your data, automates the data warehouse and makes data and insights readily accessible across your organization with world-class analytics.

Ingest data from multiple sources in real-time

Qlik Replicate™ (formerly Attunity Replicate) continuously ingests data from multiple data sources to the Snowflake data warehouse with zero downtime, eliminating the heavy lifting of manual data ingestion processes. Qlik’s change data capture (CDC) technology ensures that you’re always working with real-time data while streamlining operations and minimizing the impact on production systems.

  • Connectivity to a wide range of data sources (databases, warehouses, applications, mainframes, and more)
  • Check mechanisms for data integrity, monitoring, and control
  • Robust auditing and secure data transfer (SSL)

Fully automate the data warehouse lifecycle

Qlik Compose™ for Data Warehouses (formerly Attunity Compose) automates the design, implementation and management of data warehouses and data marts while minimizing manual, error-prone ETL coding and scripting processes. Accelerate your analytics projects, increasing agility and reducing risk to realize the full potential of your Snowflake data warehouse:

  • Automate the transformation of raw data to analytics-ready data marts.
  • Easily add new data sources.
  • Quickly create purpose-built data marts for evolving business needs.