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modern challenges of fpa

Today’s Finance Analytics Landscape

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In today’s digital economy, organisations must be able to act in the moment enabled by extending plans across the business in order to make confident decisions in serving their customers and outperform the competition.

Companies struggle with their planning due to many reasons: disparate systems, inability to harvest insights from big data, and inconsistent modelling and planning. Many organisations also still use spreadsheets for planning and reporting.

Many Organisations Still Use Spreadsheets

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50% of companies

are still using spreadsheets as their

primary budgeting and planning technology


73% of companies

use spreadsheets during planning

and forecasting processes

The Solution to your Planning Problems – SAP Analytics Cloud


Imagine a software-as-a-service platform that unites analytics and planning across departments. A platform that eliminates data silos to help you make better business decisions quickly.

The SAP® Analytics Cloud solution is an agile platform with powerful role based interfaces for forecasting or what if modeling in real time.

It consolidates all your application’s information into one place so it can be easily analysed. With the SAP® Analytics Cloud, planners and analysts from every department can access data in a single platform. You’ll be able to forecast future plans with greater accuracy thanks to analytical tools that link together across your company’s various lines of business—and solve problems more quickly than ever before!

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SAP Analytics Cloud Benefits

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Empower agile decision making with integrated planning and analysis

  • Get immediate insights to take action in one seamless user experience
  • Leverage advanced analytics and scenario modeling without any IT intervention
  • Automatically generate plans from predictions

Identify your most valuable data and unlock unique insights

  • Use the full capabilities of SAP data and provide analytics to the point of decision
  • Leverage pre-packaged best practices to fast-track deployments for your function
  • Shorten planning cycles and increase stakeholder productivity

Enable cutting-edge analytics with a comprehensive and integrated solution

  • Leverage the power of power of machine learning to automate data driven decision making
  • Create tailored analytics apps quickly to meet unique business needs
  • Work with SAP partners to tailor the solution to your exact needs

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SAP Analytics Cloud Capability


Driver Based Planning

Bring plan and budget drivers together for accurate results

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Value Driver Tree
Run unlimited simulations comparing changes in drivers and assumptions against actuals for better analysis

Better Accuracy
Source drivers directly from SAP S/4HANA or other ERP for insights into cost structure, impact on P&L,and margin

Deeper Analysis
Leverage allocation functionality to assign indirect costs seamlessly for a better understanding of cost on activities

driver based planning
scenario planning

Scenario Planning

Model situations immediately and on the fly

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Private Versions
Create plans in a sandbox environment to perform what-if analysis to simulate the best possible outcomes

Business User Managed
Create multiple scenario plans with ease and without the need for IT or admin intervention

Better Collaboration
Form teams to review public or private versions and discuss results immediately with a discussionfunction

Zero-Based Budgeting

Drive efficient resource allocation for profitable growth

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Instant Collaboration
Discuss new/existing revenue and cost items directly within budget templates and build consensus

Flexible Data Entry
Add or edit dimension members immediately on budget input sheets to reflect the most recent plan scenarios

Accurate Analysis
Augment budgets with real-time dashboards, analytics, and predictions to drive the best decisions

zero based budgeting

Customer Success Stories


International Food Wholesale Manufacturer Leverages SAP Analytics Cloud

for Integrated Planning Solution

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We empowered the business with a

single source of truth allowing

for speed to insights.

The Business Problem

Data for planning was managed through many, manually maintained, disparate MS Excel models.

The consolidated view was also managed manually through Excel. There was no way to get an interim view of the planning process as the consolidation excel file was taking a very long time. In addition, different parts of the business are using different combinations of spreadsheets and tools with inconsistent planning philosophies and varying degrees of granularity.

The Solution and Value

Decision Inc. assisted International Food Wholesale Manufacturer in designing and implementing an Integrated Business Planning solution that combines Forecasting, Budgeting, and Strategic planning. 

The solution enables the planners to use information from different areas of the solution such as volume driving costs and human resources by cost centre. As well as having detailed integration between volume, prices, revenue and costs of goods sold. With all the planning requirements from the client, SAP Analytics Cloud was chosen to meet the requirements.

The system allows for the delivery of timely reporting at a granular and high-level while meeting various stakeholders’ needs. It also enables the delivery of more frequent forecasting and quicker iterations of the budget

The Benefits

  • Reduce the number of systems, bespoke tools, and excel based working files used to compile plan data
  • Provide a single source of truth/single platform for the preparation and reporting of plan data with the ability to provide early insights during preparation and the opportunity to move to monthly forecasting
  • Improve accountability and transparency throughout the planning process
  • Reduction of forecasting processing time by 60%+

Global retailer enables Intelligent Planning and Forecasting

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We enabled transparency of data

throughout the business and

automated scenario modelling.

global retailer

The Business Problem


A leading global retailer needed to improve their forecast accuracy and ability to manage its forecasting more efficiently.

With the everchanging technology challenges arising, the global retailer had outdated forecasting methods which entailed making use of various disparate systems like Microsoft Excel and various non-SAP source systems. It was time-consuming to merge data manually into one platform, while also not having access to historical data. The retailer thus had no transparency of data throughout the business.

The Solution and Value


Decision Inc. assisted the global retailer in realising better forecasting by implementing a solution that offers centralised planning. 

The solution enables the aligning of the merchandise and financial planning, as well as improving respective planning cycles. With all the planning and reporting requirements from the global retailer, SAP Analytics Cloud was the preferred technology to implement a new way of managing their XP&A Ecosystem.

The system allows for the delivery of timely reporting at a granular and high-level while meeting various stakeholders’ needs. It also enables the delivery of more frequent forecasting with scenario-based outcomes. The solution is ideal for the retailer as it is tailored to the unique business requirements of their different brands/businesses.


The Benefits


The SAC solution has now helped the global retailer reap the following benefits:

  • All business stakeholders have visibility into the right insights at the right time
  • Resulting in faster and better decision-making to better serve their clients
  • The business can view variations of what-if scenarios
  • The integration from source systems allows the business to focus on analysing results more frequently to update their forecasts

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