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Retail Sales Analytics Package

Make critical business decisions in real-time

In order to stay relevant and competitive in today’s world now filled with disruption and uncertainty, the power of an organisation’s data cannot be overlooked. So, what if there was an uncomplicated, cost-friendly way to quickly extract your business’s data, allowing you to make smarter decisions even faster?

Decision Inc.’s Sales Analytics Package provides accurate KPI’s to ensure on-demand decision making. The KPI’s include net sales, gross profit percentage and cost of sales. The solution enriches the data with powerful analytics, allowing your team the ability to execute critical business decisions in real time

Enhanced Decision Making

Your team will now have the power to execute critical business decisions more efficiently, using key data to disrupt your competition and thrive during times of uncertainty.

Improved in-store Turnover

The solution includes KPI’s which will reflect important financial data across your entire organisation. These new insights can be used to identify where to focus your efforts

Quick Return

With an implementation time of