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The Supplier Challenge

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In order to leverage relationships with suppliers in a way that benefits the customer, an organisation needs seamless data integration and access from all sources. However, this can be difficult when there are multiple systems used for different purposes or processes which makes it hard to truly collaborate on decisions about how best to deliver services and ensure revenue growth.

The challenges of executing a well-defined supplier relationship management strategy include the need to manage risk and mitigate it effectively with additional precautions and processes while complying with current regulatory obligations.

Supplier Relationship Management

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Supplier relationship management is a business initiative that many companies undertake to build mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

Top business drivers for implementing supplier relationship management strategies include cost optimisation, risk mitigation, top-line growth from supplier innovation, operational process improvements and the ability to drive and deliver a mutually beneficial relationship that assists in the attraction and retention of trusted partners. 


Improve and Optimise your Supplier Relationship Management.

Supplier Relationship Management Challenges 


Long, Manual Onboarding Process

  • Multiple channels through which supplier applications are received to keep track of
  • Manual vetting and tracking of supplier information
  • Manual processes and tools expose organisations to unnecessary risk

Limited Supplier Visibility

  • Siloed information sources requires manual data consolidation for reporting
  • Lack of data hampers our abilities to truly partner with suppliers 

Strained User Experience

  • A slow process, requiring significant man hours to facilitate supplier onboarding
  • Repetitive manual work reduces employee productivity
  • Manual repetitive processes are both labour intensive and costly 

Leveraging technology for automation

Drive consistency and compliance to minimise cost significantly while improving outcomes and eliminating complications. 

Supplier management

Supplier relationship management solution that delivers a unique experience that connects your organisations with the supplier and allows you to place the customer at the center of that experience.

Core Technologies and Building Blocks 

Supplier Management

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