Step into the era of unified
Data, Analytics and AI
with Microsoft Fabric

25 July 2024


11:00 AM GMT+2


Data is the cornerstone of strategic decision-making. However, many organisations face challenges with managing multiple, disparate solutions which lead to inefficiencies and stifle innovation.

Imagine if all your data management, analytics, and governance solutions could work seamlessly together to unlock actionable insights and drive innovation.

Join us for this webinar where we explore how Microsoft Fabric offers a comprehensive, unified data platform designed to streamline your business operations.

This webinar will feature insightful presentations detailing the integration capabilities of Microsoft Fabric, a live demonstration showcasing its real-time data analytics and visualisation tools, and a comprehensive overview of how Microsoft Fabric can be a cornerstone of your modern data platform strategy.

Discover how a unified data platform can significantly improve decision-making processes, boost operational efficiency, and drive forward-thinking innovation in your business.

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The Data Platform for the Era of AI

What to expect during this webinar

the need for a unified data & analytics platform

Discussion on the pitfalls of siloed data systems and the advantages of a unified approach.

Microsoft Fabric & the Modern Data Platform

Explore how Microsoft Fabric integrates with and enhances the modern data platform, enabling seamless data management, advanced analytics, and robust data governance.

Unlocking Strategic Value with Microsoft Fabric

Learn about the unification capabilities of Microsoft Fabric and its impact on business outcomes.

Live Demo: Microsoft Fabric in Action

Demonstration of how Microsoft Fabric provides a unified solution for data management and analytics.

Meet Your Speakers


Rousseau Kluever

Executive: Data & Analytics
Decision Inc.


Previn Govender

Data Architect
Decision Inc.