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Seven Principles of Supply Chain Management

redefining the supply chain for a new era

This year has been challenging for businesses of all kinds. The global pandemic and other recent events have sent waves through organisations everywhere – unveiling vulnerabilities and the need for agile processes – making now the best time to future-proof your business and build resilience into your supply chains.

In this white paper, you’ll learn seven principles of effective supply chain management, and how they’ll help your business:

  • Gain agility and stay mobile during uncertain times.
  • Enhance visibility to quickly resolve imbalances and adapt accordingly.
  • Optimise and reduce cost for the changing needs of your pipeline.

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What’s inside

Learn about the 7 supply chain principles and actions:


Principle 1: Improve inventory visibility

Principle 2: Manage supply and demand as a flow

Principle 3: Adopt a fast, felxible pipeline planning system

Principle 4: Use real-time analytics to measure volatility of demand

Principle 5: Improve forecasting models

Principle 6: Diversify suppliers

Principle 7: Create new distribution networks and channels


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