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Seven Predictions for the 2020 RPA Market

robotic process automation

A recent Forbes article called robotic process automation (RPA) “a gateway drug to artificial intelligence (AI).” In other words, RPA provides organizations a low barrier to entry into the  AI world along with many of its benefits. Call it dipping a toe in the AI waters.

The article is quite prescient.

With RPA, companies can automate a wide range of processes they wouldn’t have imagined possible before. These range from very rote tasks, such as cutting and pasting customer data from a CRM system into a back-office ERP system, all the way up to unattended software bots capable of intelligent decision-making based on pre-set logic.

With these advances come greater RPA adoption, and the potential for triple-digit growth.

What is clear is that RPA is at a tipping point. But will this growth continue? If so, on what path? What innovations lie ahead?

This e-book will provide Automation Anywhere’s insights about the future, with seven RPA predictions for 2020. These predictions relate to market growth, technology disruptions, platform enhancements and new use cases for RPA.

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