Vertana Business Planning Value Index Vendor and Product Assessment:

Optimise your planning and budgeting process with the right software platform.

Unlock Better Business Decisions

Implementing the right technology can elevate your planning and budgeting process to a more strategic and productive level, ultimately driving success for your organisation.

Effective business planning is essential for making informed and strategic decisions. Traditional methods of budgeting, such as using stand-alone spreadsheets, can be time-consuming, inefficient, and limiting. The popularity of stand-alone spreadsheets is understandable, however, it is important to remember that they can limit an organisation’s potential for success. Planning software enables organisations to not only budget effectively but also to plan for success while respecting financial objectives and constraints.

Planning and budgeting software should make the process faster, more agile, less burdensome, and more intelligent so that managers can make better decisions more consistently. 

The Ventana Research Value Index is an assessment tool that evaluates the effectiveness of planning software in enhancing the overall business value of budgeting. Ultimately guiding you to make the best software choice for your needs.

Don’t let your organisation get stuck in a planning rut.

Download the Ventana Research Value Index report and learn how planning software platforms can help you make better decisions, faster and more consistently. 

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