Retail’s New Landscape


How to lead with data in retail's new landscape

Retail is going through big changes that are shaking the very foundations of the industry. Changes such as digital commerce has become an important sales and marketing channel, hence connecting the physical, online, and mobile consumer.  Supply chains must now be agile enough to accommodate multiple shopping channels. Finallystores are becoming key contributors in the distribution network.

Retail landscape

Retailers thriving in this complex new world are responding with agility to 3 major shifts in the retail landscape:

Shift 1: The Empowered Consumer

Connected, informed and, more empowered than ever, today’s ‘hidden consumers’ use mobile and social media to compare and buy anywhere, anytime.

Shift 2: The Agile Supply Chain

Omni-channel demands an efficient forward and reverse supply chain, letting retailers ship products within hours of purchase and offer flexible returns.

Shift 3: The Changing Role of the Store

Even the role of the store is changing. While still the primary sales channel, stores are transforming into customer engagement centers and critical supply chain hubs.

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