Reimagine field service operations with Decision

Inc. and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Explore innovative strategies to transform your field service operations and elevate customer experiences to new heights


Title: Reimagine Field Services Operations

Date: 7 September 2023 (JHB)

Time: 08:30 AM – 12:30 AM



Join us at this groundbreaking event hosted by Decision Inc. in collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Explore innovative strategies to transform your field service operations and elevate customer experiences to new heights.

Learn how to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, automation, and advanced analytics to optimise processes, enhance agent performance, and resolve issues swiftly. Discover the power of Microsoft Copilot in improving agent efficiency and gain insights into redefining your field service approach.


What to Expect at the Event

At this dynamic event, you’ll gain actionable insights and practical knowledge to reimagine your field service operations, harness the power of technology, and drive enhanced customer experiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of field service innovation with Decision Inc. and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Insightful presentations: Expert speakers from Decision Inc. and Microsoft Dynamics 365 will deliver engaging presentations on the latest trends and technologies driving field service innovation.
  • Interactive discussions: Participate in discussions and get a practical understanding of how AI, IoT, and automation can be seamlessly integrated into your field service operations.
  • Live demonstrations: Witness live demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot in enhancing agent performance and efficiency.
  • Real-world case studies: Learn from real-world examples of organisations that have successfully implemented AI, IoT, and advanced analytics to streamline field service processes and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with industry peers, experts, and solution providers during networking sessions to exchange ideas and best practices.

Key Learning Points:

  • Improving agent performance with Microsoft Copilot: Discover how Microsoft Copilot empowers field service agents with real-time insights, data-driven recommendations, and predictive assistance, leading to faster issue resolution and improved overall performance.
  • Enhancing customer experience with AI, IoT, and automation: Explore the transformative impact of AI and IoT technologies on field service. Learn how to leverage automation to resolve issues more efficiently, predict and prevent problems, and elevate customer satisfaction
  • Optimising field service processes with advanced analytics: Gain a deep understanding of how advanced analytics can help you optimise your field service processes. Learn how to use data-driven insights to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and enhance operational efficiency.

Meet Your Speakers


Desmond Struwig

Managing Executive: Intelligent Operations
Decision Inc.

Aaliyah Ebrahim

Customer Engagement Technical Specialist – JHB


Andries Bezuidenhout

Principal CE Consultant
Decision Inc.

Estiaan van der Merwe

Principal CE Consultant
Decision Inc.