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Reengineering Decision-Making:

The Future of Business Intelligence



Title: Reengineering Decision-Making: The Future of Business Intelligence

Type: On-Demand Webinar


Despite businesses having more data at their disposal than ever before, it’s been reported that decision making is harder than ever. In a recent Gartner survey, 65% of respondents said the decisions they make are more complex than just two years ago. 53% said they face more pressure to explain or justify their decisions.

Decisions from Senior Executives don’t take account of enough relevant variables, don’t adequately consider the future effects, and don’t happen on a cadence that positions the organisation to capture opportunities and mitigate risks. Many businesses base their decisions on gut feel instead of what their data is telling them.

To ensure success, decision-makers need a way to predict the outcomes of their decisions to guarantee the best results possible. They need to be connected, contextual and continuous.

Artificial intelligence technology is the heart of this new era called Decision Intelligence.

BI platforms are evolving. Many enterprises have already realised that dashboards aren’t enough when making decisions. Analytics teams need to get insights from machine learning models into the hands of decision makers in a way that is intuitive for business users. That’s where Decision Intelligence comes in.

Decision intelligence connects AI and human decision-making to form more intelligent conclusions, which lead to more favourable outcomes. Unlike data visualisation tools, decision intelligence connects the dots between multiple machine learning models – helping to determine how the decision impacts other departments in the organisation. Simply put, it is the commercial application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to grow revenues and profits.

This webinar is for any IT and business leader looking to make better business decisions by transforming their business analytics into a more comprehensive decision support platform.

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Businesses that make great decisions win and with the speed of business being what it is today, companies can ill afford mistakes. In order to succeed in this new era,  businesses will need to use intelligence to inform decision making, and in many cases, to make decisions alongside you; quicker, faster, continuously over more data, more often.

Progressive organisations are already complementing the best of human decision-making capabilities with the power of data and analytics and artificial intelligence — to create opportunities to fundamentally change what they do. According to Gartner, by 2023, 30% of organisations will harness the collective intelligence of their analytics communities, outperforming competitors that rely solely on centralised analytics or self-service.

This complimentary webinar will help you on your journey of reengineering your decision making to give you that competitive advantage and thrive in an ever-changing and uncertain world.

Webinar Agenda

    • Introduction to the new era of Decision Intelligence
    • The limits of human decision-making and why traditional BI will soon no longer be enough
    • How the power of artificial intelligence will give your business that competitive edge
    • How decision modeling addresses the new decision-making challenges
    • Key actions leaders can start implementing now for better decision making


Rousseau Kluever

Executive: Sales Client Partner at Decision Inc.

Specialising in information management, data, analytics and business intelligence, Rousseau uses his more than ten years’ of expertise, skills and industry knowledge to engage clients and project teams, thereby ensuring successful project implementations. He enjoys assisting clients to transform and become successful in their respective industries. This is done on time, within budget, and with the required functionality and quality by applying proven project management methods, technologies and the development of best practices. He also mentors and coaches his commercial and account management team and is seen as a trusted adviser to his clients.

Clinton Etheridge

Business Manager for Data, Information & Analytics at Decision Inc.

As Business Manager of the Data Information & Analytics unit of Decision Inc. South Africa, Clinton is committed to expanding the capabilities of his team. He relies on his extensive business intelligence and data management experience across a range of industries as well as being part of the senior management leadership team. Clinton has 26 years’ experience in the data and analytics consulting space, creating solutions in a range of industries. Focused on analytics, data management and data science, Clinton is passionate about partnering with clients to harness the full potential of their valuable data assets. He knows how technology can be harnessed to assist clients in their transformation to become intelligent data-driven enterprises.