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14 April, 2021

Rudie Vermaak, Senior Client Partner

Decision Inc. South Africa

Cloud-based technology and innovation has given rise to inventive approaches to service and solution delivery. One of the most well-known approaches, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has undergone significant changes over the past few years as organisations have adapted their services to meet evolving customer and market requirements. Qlik, a global leader in data analytics and data-driven solutions, has recently deployed an enterprise-grade SaaS deployment that’s customisable, agile and highly scalable. According to Rudie Vermaak at Decision Inc., this cloud-native architecture freshly polished and released by Qlik, provides organisations with access to an easily deployed and optimised analytics platform that can be customised and managed across independent or multi-cloud environments.

Qlik Saas

The SaaS model from Qlik opens up the business intelligence (BI) space significantly,” says Vermaak. “Organisations of all sizes can now explore the impressive capabilities of the Qlik product offering and really dig down into the full value of what these services offer. The move to SaaS is an intelligent one for the company, and puts it on a path to successfully compete with other market leaders such as Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau.”

Qlik offers an accessible, easy to use, platform that can be leveraged by users of different abilities and skillsets. Users don’t need to be incredibly tech savvy or have full fat developer skills in order to get going with the product.

“This is a huge advantage of this move to SaaS – it gives customer peace of mind. The platform will be always on, always accessible and always updated, and it can be scaled to fit business need and budget,” says Vermaak. “In tandem with the recent changes to the Qlik licensing model you can significantly cut your costs if you deploy and build in the Qlik cloud solution – infrastructure and hosting costs are cut, and you are provided with ongoing maintenance and support.”

Qlik Saas

The Qlik SaaS platform also adds speed to the mix – it’s easy to set up and go because there’s no need to invest in infrastructure or add on additional hosting complexities. There’s no real deployment needed and insights gleaned from the initial start-up phase can be used to streamline capacity and costs. This model allows for the business to refine its monitoring and insights, shifting focus and investment until the solution is optimised across multiple levels. Companies can opt into a full SaaS offering or a client managed offering that balances the load across cloud and on-premises.

“We know how to help you achieve the best possible results with the Qlik platform,” says Vermaak. “We will ensure that your investment and approaches are aligned with your unique business needs so you can adapt your Qlik investment to suit your strategy and budget. With this move to SaaS, Qlik has opened up how you engage with your data and insights, and we offer you advice on best practice approaches for specific business areas to ensure that any investment made by your business is relevant, and cost-effective.”

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Decision Inc. has extensive experience working with Qlik solutions and implementing Qlik applications across organisations of all sizes. With the Decision Inc. team and its vast industry knowledge, organisations can unpack the value of the company’s SaaS offering and how it can integrate and align with their existing investments and infrastructure and refine costs, deliverables and potential.  To find out more about the Qlik licensing model changes and how Decision Inc. can translate this announcement into real value for your business, contact our Qlik team by clicking the buttons below.


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