Information Landscape Assessment

Gain visibility over your key data asset issues

A personalised roadmap to restructure and efficiently leverage organisational data

Information Strategy 

Whether you’re launching a platform initiative, moving to the cloud, or modernising your existing data estate, Decision Inc. can help your company go from data to insights.

Maturing your analytics capability requires a program focused on business outcomes, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. We assist you in formulating a clear data & analytics strategy that achieves real business outcomes and supports you throughout your data transformation journey.


What’s the challenge?

Most organisations build out a data and analytics capability without a clear focus on achieving strategic business outcomes. Over time, an organisation’s data estate can become complex and difficult to manage. Legacy technology, complex integrations and key-man dependencies leave organisations in a place where they feel that they’ve lost control of their valuable data assets.

What should it look like?

We aim to answer the simple questions. Our information landscape assessment aims to simplify your information challenges. Business information should be experienced as automated, accurate, frequent and accessible. Take back control of your data estate and obtain real business value from your data assets.



Data should seamlessly integrate into intelligence systems




Reports and dashboards should be trusted and accurate




Information should be in real-time



Information should be accessible and secure

Our Framework

Our mature framework ensures that we assess all aspects of your data & analytics environment – focusing on what’s most important. It is aimed at reviewing the current state of the organisation through 5 different lenses, namely: Business, Information, Applications, Data and Technology


Key benefits

Simplify your information challenges 

Clear roadmap will show you how to obtain real business value from your data assets

Suggested path to improve data quality, governance and management practices

Identify areas for optimisation and cost savings

Ensure user satisfaction and technology adoption

Enhance decision-making and business performance


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