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Retail & Commercial Banking solution.

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The Banking Accelerator is focused on Retail & Commercial Banking scenarios to optimise customer experiences, improve collaboration, and gain new customer insights.



Deposit Accounts

Checking Accounts




Financial Products

Commercial Loans

Banks & Branches




Customer 360 form

This banking Customer 360 view shows everything about the person from their profit tier (segmentation), to interaction and activities, to KYC, what financial products they have, and who is within their household. The person (or company) record becomes the source of truth and engagement to deliver the optimal customer experience.

Opportunity and deal form

The opportunity and deal forms show the details of the opportunity included products, requested facilities, limits, and the stages of the overall proposal.

Branch Manager dashboard

Example dashboards both in Dynamics 365 and Power BI are included in the Banking Accelerator. With the example Bank Branch Manager dashboard, the Bank Branch Manager gains analytics and insights into account applications, onboarding stage, referrals and prospects, and which products are most popular.


Pre-built entities

Best practices

Retail & Commercial banking focus

Optimised for customer experience

Native CDM support

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Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator

Build innovative industry apps with the Banking Accelerator


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Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

Industry-leading sales force automation with contextual insights and advanced customization capabilities


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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise

Optimize resource scheduling, enable field technicians, and deliver on customer expectations


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Power Apps run single apps

Run applications around a single business scenario for an individual user


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