Personalising Healthcare

Engaging patients in a digital age

Consumer expectations are evolving at an increasingly fast pace globally as customers demand seamless, personalised experiences across all aspects of their lives. One of the major contributors to this transformation is technology innovation.

Digital technology advancements like the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable technologies, blockchain, robotics, big data, and advanced analytics are changing consumer perceptions. People are now engaging with businesses on their own terms, whether that is on-demand car service, online banking, or shopping in just a few clicks via an app or mobile device.

While this consumerisation may have started in the retail and financial industries, it is quickly extending to healthcare. Patients are coming to expect consumer experiences like those offered in other sectors. But very few healthcare organisations are set up to meet the expectations of this changing landscape.

Healthcare providers needs to keep patients engaged with their services. As well as improve their health outcomes by providing easy access to technology they expect. Patients want the ability to access their healthcare provider services from wherever they are, on whatever device they are using.

In this e-book, Personalising Healthcare: Engaging Patients in the Digital Age, learn ways to:

  • Give patients the personalised, easy-access digital experience they are already accustomed to from other online services.
  • Enable a deeper connection with patients by keeping their data automatically updated in your EMR so you can focus on their individual care.
  • Overcome communication delays to deliver care in real time using connected systems and patient-generated health data.

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