Overcoming FP&A Challenges with IBP

Overcoming FP&A Challenges

Overcoming FP&A Challenges with IBP

Today’s CFOs are in a unique position. Through the unified planning platforms that are now available, they have more control over the fate of their company than ever before. Integrated Business Planning, or IBP, brings strategic, financial, and operational planning together, solving many classic planning problems. Traditional planning models are often rigid, whereas IBP is dynamic. In addition, traditional planning often fails to link strategic planning with day-to-day operations, whereas IBP is end-to-end.

The most successful companies have tightly integrated and coordinated financial planning and analysis—characteristics that IBP also shares. But because IBP breaks down silos within organisations, it also poses a challenge for people who don’t want to cede control over their information or discrete processes. For IBP to be successful, senior finance leadership is crucial because today’s CFOs bring financial resources, organisational vision, business knowledge, and financial insight to the table.

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Overcoming FP&A Challenges

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Overcoming FP&A Challenges

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