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Rapid Modeling and “What-If” Scenarios




Title: Rapid Modeling and “What-If” Scenarios

Type: On-Demand

Duration: 1 hour


In this on-demand webinar, FP&A experts discuss their strategies for creating, planning, executing and evaluating initiatives with the use of rapid modeling.

What you can expect

Watch now and learn how to use what-if scenario modeling to:

  • Anticipate change by prioritizing primary drivers
  • Keep stakeholders in sync
  • Maintain a consolidated view of the business
  • Drive rapid decision-making and continuous forecasting
Rapid Modeling and “What-If” Scenarios

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What Customers Say About Workday Adaptive Planning:

“To keep up with the constant evolution of our company strategy, our financial systems need to be capable of quick multi-scenario planning. Workday Adaptive Planning allows us to be a lot more dynamic and responsive to initiatives because within minutes we’re able to input changes into the forecast and use OfficeConnect to generate all the graphs and reports we need.” — TOM MCKEE, SENIOR FINANCIAL ANALYST, TUNEIN

Rapid Modeling and “What-If” Scenarios