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Microsoft Power Apps for Banking & Finance

Quickly build and share low-code apps to drive innovation

Rapidly solve your business problems and increase productivity through the creation of low-code or no-code apps that can easily be built in hours – not months. With Power Apps, you can streamlineautomate and digitise many manual daily processes to increase agility across your organisation.

Why You Should Be Using Power Apps

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App Development Backlog

65% of organisations report an app development backlog.

Paper processes

37% of organisations are still using paper to manage critical business processes.

Technical Skill shortages

67% of CIOs and tech leaders say IT skills shortages are preventing them from keeping up with the pace of change.

Low code App Development

Gartner estimates that 65% of all app dev will be low code by 2024

Get the benefits of using Power Apps

Here are 4 reasons Power Apps could be right for you

Use Existing Talent

You have talented people on your staff—empower them to do more! All your employees can become citizen developers and problem solvers. Eliminate the IT skills gap so your team can build apps with minimal training.

Accelerate Development

Creating custom apps can take months or even years. But when your business is growing, you need to be agile. Instead, build an app in hours. Catch up on your backlog or prevent it in the first place with accelerated app development.

Save Money

Off-the-shelf software is expensive and often has more functionality than you need. Build custom apps the cost-effective way—saving money in development, creation, and future maintenance.


As your business grows, your apps need to grow with you. It’s also vital that you keep up with security and compliance requirements. Scale while also staying on top of management.

Build world-class apps rapidly using low-code, modernising your banking processes and increasing your agility.

9 Ways Power Apps Can Improve Processes In Banking & Finance


Download these resources to gain insight as to why Power Apps will transform your business.


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Leveraging Microsoft Power Apps for Financial Services

Technology is more important than ever. Now is the time to introduce apps that address new challenges brought by Covid-19, and that empower financial decision makers to help create differentiated experiences and new business models.

Intelligent Banking Guide

Financial intuitions need to invest in emerging digital technology to ensure they stay at pace with the changing business environment. The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain ledgers, are no longer optional but are central to a digital strategy.


Power Apps simplifies the process of building custom applications to solve your banking challenges. It’s an easy, fast, and cost-efficient way to turn your bright ideas into brilliant apps.