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Customers Today

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Customers today are looking for more than just a product or service. They want to be associated with brands that they trust and that align with their values.

In order to build this type of relationship with customers, businesses need to be more transparent and honest in their interactions. Customers also expect a more personalised experience, and they are willing to share their data in order to receive it.

Businesses that can meet these changing expectations will be well-positioned for success in the years to come.

Achieving loyalty through differences


Customer experience is critical to loyalty

  • 55% of consumers would switch after several bad experiences
  • 8% would drop a company after one bad experience
  • 32% said they’d drop a company if it provided inconsistent experiences
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Business’s Customer Challenges


Inability to track a customer's journey across channels


Lack of customer data


Customer data in silos - disparate systems


Inability to target activities and priorities specifically


Current siloed approach to marketing


Many opportunities are missed


Ineffective broad, generalised megaphone type marketing


No consolidated data to deliver personalised messages


Campaign reporting is not insightful - Not enough data on our customer’s response


Poor marketing campaign choices due to lack of data-driven insights


Lack of quality in lead tracking


Decreased marketing budgets


Do you find yourself experiencing these Challenges in delivering successful customer experiences?

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What Businesses Needs

Moving away from old marketing methods

Marketers have been using the same methods for years, and it’s time for a change. The old methods of demand generation, big bang campaigns, and megaphone messaging are no longer effective. Tradeshows are no longer the best way to reach potential customers. Following your gut to make decisions are no longer enough to reach the right customer.

Marketers need to find a new strategy that is data-driven and focused on customer needs.

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Accept the challenge of marketing automation

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It’s time to end the old ways of marketing. The new marketing strategy should be focusing on creating end-to-end experiences for customers, starting from their initial awareness and continuing through the post-purchase stages with every touchpoint considered in order to achieve success.

This means adopting an agile mindset as well as being prepared to adjust plans based on customer feedback. It’s also important that all decisions should be based on data and insights, rather than gut feeling. By adopting these new marketing methods, companies can create truly engaging experiences that will nurture their audiences and drive long-term loyalty.


Benefits of Improving customer experience


Marketing Automation means Innovative Technology Solutions

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Marketers need technology that:

    • Consolidates all data in one place
    • Visibility of customers needs to customise
    • Full transparent view of all marketing activity
    • Automation to increase efficiency

Marketers need technology to enable:

    • Full view of success or failure of campaigns.
    • ​Understanding of our customers’ response.
    • ​Data enabling insights for tailored campaigns based on KPI’s and Metrics.
    • ​High-quality leads based on accurate customer needs.

How we help you achieve this


We help you bring together data from virtually any source

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Our Solution Enables


Solutions tailored to your needs

Our specialist consultants work with the best technologies


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

    • Ideal for enterprises
    • End to end experiences
    • AI Assisted
    • A unified, adaptable platform
    • Easy for business users


    • Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses
    • Fully supported
    • Advanced targeting and personalisation 
    • Natively built-in Microsoft CRM

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