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Manufacturers’ 5 Biggest Forecasting Challenges

The importance of business agility

What’s keeping you up at night? Maybe you’re wondering if the revised standard cost and asset utilization assumptions at the assembly plant will be sufficient to hit the profitability targets you set. Or perhaps you’re worried about getting accurate demand forecasts early enough from sales to ship parts by sea and reduce freight costs.

To thrive in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, modern manufacturing companies have to be rigorous in their planning. But it’s just as important to be agile, so you can allocate resources strategically.

Yet many manufacturers today are struggling to keep up. After months of preparation and vetting, annual plans immediately become obsolete.

Read this eBook to learn how manufacturing organizations like yours have replaced static, annual plans with agile forecasts, and run holistic, dynamic what-if scenarios that help them allocate capital where it’s needed. Discover how to sharpen insight, reduce risk, and operate with agility.


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