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Lead Your Sales Team Through a Crisis Today and in the Future 




Title: Lead Your Sales Team Through a Crisis Today and in the Future 

Type: On-Demand

Duration: 33 mins


Customer experience is about more than getting them what they need in one instance, it is about fostering a supportive relationship with your client for the long haul.

During COVID-19, it is absolutely vital to prevent any potential disruption for your customers, to maintain the quality of your products or services, and to continue building strong customer relationships.

With that in mind, this webinar will help your organisation respond to changes in real time and achieve long-term customer experience success

Leading a sales team during a crisis is not necessarily about doing more, but about doing things differently.

In this webinar, we will show you what exactly leading “differently” can look like. We will convey leadership through the four phases of a crisis, challenges business leaders to empower sellers with actionable insights. Gartner guest speaker, Alastair Woolcock, Senior Analyst Director, shares ideas on how to transform training and operations to complement these management innovations.

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What you can expect

Watch now where we will discuss:

  • How to lead you sales teams through a crisis (COVID-19)
  • How to implement the four phased model
  • How to enable the digital buying experiences
  • AI & Sales: Bring the future forward