Key drivers for cloud migration

Key drivers for cloud migration

Understanding how migration triggers can drive business outcomes in the cloud

Business leaders must find ways to address new challenges.

In these times of uncertainty in the market, there are many organisations facing both the immediate and long-term challenges. Challenges such as how to stay productive, build resilience for the future, and ensure opportunities for growth and innovation.

Many business leaders are concerned with how to enable their remote workforce. How to ensure operations are running smoothly, protect their employees and resources, and reduce costs. Therefor aren’t sure whether cloud adoption is a viable enough solution.

Common questions from business leaders include:

  • How do we address immediate needs and prioritise operational improvements?
  • How can we keep running our business without interruptions?
  • Should we reconsider operating our datacenter, given resource constraints?
  • How can we secure our employees, network, and assets from cyberattacks in the midst of growing uncertainty?
  • How do we build a case for investing in the right areas so we’re better prepared in the future?

One crucial part of building a cloud migration strategy for an organisation is identifying which triggers are driving the need for cloud adoption. Some triggers may prompt quick action, while others may call for a more involved, hands-on approach.

Understanding the challenges business is facing and how migration triggers map to those challenges can help determine what strategy to take when moving to the cloud. In some cases, it might be best to lift-and-shift (rehost) your workloads while in other cases re-platforming of your applications might be necessary.

Understanding the triggers that drive cloud adoption and how they might apply to your organisation sets you on a path to building an effective migration plan that creates opportunities for savings, growth, and innovation in the cloud.

This eBook will cover:

  1. Addressing datacenter contract expiration
  2. Improving cash flow
  3. Managing constrained budgets
  4. And much more

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