On-Demand Webinar 

Intelligent Planning using SAC & BPC


Title: Intelligent Planning using SAC & BPC

Type: On-Demand Webinar

Duration: 45 mins


Finance and business teams aspire to operate in an efficient, logical way where tools and processes work together to help create & realise strategic plans.

Despite these good intentions, the reality is that organisations often struggle to run an effective, cohesive planning process and still rely on disparate, excel-based processes for the creation and management of information.

Marrying strategic, group-wide target setting, with detailed forecasting and budgeting becomes particularly challenging and manually intensive with long lead times.

Hear our view on why this is such a common story and how we help our clients deal with these challenges through effective use of technology to support intelligent planning.

In this webinar we examine how SAP Analytics Cloud can be used to deliver multi-level strategic target setting functionality in combination with BPC to massively reduce friction between processes.

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What you can expect

Join us where we will explore different use cases including:

  • Multi-level target setting (Entity, Account & Time)
  • Driver based revenue planning
  • Validation of target distribution to lower levels
  • Private versions with collaboration
  • Live reporting of BPC data in SAC
  • Bi-directional data integration between BPC and SAC joining top-down with bottom up planning

Webinar Speakers

Philip Jong

Managing Principal Consultant
Decision Inc.

Emiliyan Tanev

Principal Consultant
Decision Inc.