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The healthcare industry is facing tremendous change not only in the patient journey but also in capturing and using personal patient data. Consumers expect frictionless hyper-personalised experiences while patients expect to be digitally connected to their information and care providers.

  • 64% of patients say they own a digital device and make use of mobile apps to manage their health.
  • 71% believe it would be helpful for their doctor to have access to this information as part of their medical history.
  • 47% of healthcare organisations are already using patient data predictive analytics.

How do you as healthcare provider ensure that your healthcare organisation is properly equipped? How do you remain relevant in the current economic climate and ensure sustainability for the future?

Intelligent Healthcare will optimise your operations through the implementation of new tools and technology to effectively drive your digital transformation. Smart technology will help you thrive in the era of value-based care, balancing a better patient outcome. This will drive excellence in your healthcare delivery and affordability together with a healthier bottom line.

In our intelligent healthcare guide, you will find out how to digital transform your organisation to be more innovative, provide a better digital experience to your clients as well as drive operational efficiencies.

This guide will discuss:

  • Healthcare transformation
  • What is the challenges in the healthcare industry
  • Top trends in the healthcare industry
  • Much more!

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