The Intelligent Enterprise in the Experience Economy for the Consumer Products Industry

Optimise experiences with intelligent technologies

Intelligent Enterprise for consumer products can help you delivering superior consumer experiences in moments of opportunity.

Today’s consumers no longer simply want to buy products. They want to be inspired and educated by brands that share their values. They expect a convenient experience that makes their lives easier and helps them achieve personal outcomes. And they expect seamless engagements where the technology is invisible, trustworthy, and secure.

The days of growing by simply getting great products on a store’s shelves at a fair price are behind us. Now, consumer products companies must redefine their processes, revenue models, and the way people work. Powered by insight, brand leaders will build sustainable relationships with consumers by moving beyond transactions to delivering valuable experiences and outcomes.

To lead in this new era, consumer products companies must embrace the experience economy, prioritizing customer experiences over products. We have identified three strategic priorities that will keep consumer products companies on the path forward:

  • Enable new business models: Achieve new levels of agility to exploit new business models while maintaining profitable growth in existing channels
  • Deliver personalized outcomes: Help consumers live fuller lives based on a deep understanding of their wants, needs, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Compete as an ecosystem: Leverage all assets in a company’s network – the supply chain, employees, service providers, and even innovative partnerships – to develop and deliver distinctive products and services

Learn about the intelligent technologies that can help consumer products companies achieve their industry vision. Find out how these companies can enable new business models, deliver personalised outcomes, and compete as an ecosystem by becoming intelligent enterprises. 

Use intelligent technologies to process data and leverage that data to be responsive to the demands of customers and environmental health and safety concerns.

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