Intelligent Enterprise for Industrial Manufacturers

Delivering Tailor-Made Solutions at Scale and as a Service

The world is facing huge social, economic, and environmental challenges. To create a sustainable future, every individual and company has a role to play, and industrial manufacturers in particular have a special role. The intelligent enterprise for Industrial Manufacturers is the future. Industrial Manufacturers need to build the digitally enabled and connected equipment and machinery that helps produce sustainable energy, enable the waste management and recycling capabilities for a circular economy, and create the infrastructure for livable cities. Simultaneously, they also need to respond to global trends that are reshaping the industrial manufacturing landscape including:

Customer-driven change: Customers expect smart products and solutions that fit their exact needs at competitive prices and in a “pay-as-you-go” or usage-based pricing model. Therefore, the ability to capture customer requirements effectively and then use those insights to drive mass customization is the key.

Digital as the new norm: Digitalization is the way to respond to increased customer expectations but poses a number of challenges in itself. These can span from organizational setup and technical infrastructure to having the right talent to operate in a cybersecure environment.

A changing playing field: As new competitors and business models appear, industrial
manufacturers must redefine their core strengths and capabilities and learn to create value in industry value networks.

Globalization and right-shoring: Companies need to be able to shift resources, production, and financial funds around the globe in a flexible way. This allows industrial manufacturers to make the best use of regulatory and location advantages and be able
to respond quickly to disruption.

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