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How to Master Digital Transformation: Real-World Transformation Studies to Guide Local Business Leaders

Feb 12, 2020

Tony Bell, Sales and Marketing Director of information-driven

transformation specialist, Decision Inc.

In the race to compete with digital disruptors, many businesses find themselves in a quandary, not convinced where to begin, what to digitise and how to come to grips with their data to deliver real business value in the form of ROI. This is according to Tony Bell, Sales and Marketing Director of information-driven transformation specialist, Decision Inc.

“Digital transformation is having a tremendous impact around the world, but the transformation processes and the kind of leadership needed for this transformation differs significantly for many businesses,” he says.

 “In digital transformation, the data and analytics journey is a particularly challenging one. Companies are keen to embrace the technologies that make so many things possible.

Based on feedback from Decision Inc.’s popular focused transformation workshops in South Africa, the firm is now bringing to South Africa its first full-day conference to guide the entire digital transformation journey across the board, for all industry verticals. The conference: “Driving Digital Transformation in Data, Finance and Operations”, will present thought leadership and real-world case studies by major enterprises, outlining key digital transformation projects, their challenges, how hurdles were overcome and their eventual business benefits.

“Uniquely, this conference will present case studies of digital transformation projects that have taken place in the South African context, across sectors ranging from finance to manufacturing. Delegates will discover how projects were implemented, what worked and what didn’t. All indications are that this is a much-needed forum in South Africa, as seats are going fast and we are still getting a number of requests from companies wanting to present,” he says.

The conference will include a roundtable discussion on tips, tricks and best practices for digital change agents, and a practical guide to the design and implementation of an extended data and analytics ecosystem. Among a range of topics to be presented, discussions will cover automation and next-level operational efficiency in finance, digital workplace strategies to drive employee engagement, strategies and a roadmap for leveraging data analytics, applying intelligence to ERP, how to create the customer experience of the future and how to overcome barriers to RPA for broader implementation.

In a full day of highly interactive sessions, business and IT leaders will learn about digital transformation best practice, and will have opportunities to discuss their own challenges with a team of experts. Delegates will also have an opportunity to gain hands-on access to solutions designed to fast-track their digital transformation.

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