On-Demand Webinar 

How Mining can take advantage of powerful data analysis tools and techniques to optimise operations


Title: How Mining can take advantage of powerful data analysis tools and techniques to beat the competition

Type: 3 part on-demand webinar series


Today, the mining industry is undergoing major transformation. Mining companies are investing in new technologies and are realising returns in the form of greater equipment uptime, cost savings, as well as more efficient and accurate exploration operations.

Seize the opportunity to maximise your operations and beat your competition by joining us in this 3 part webinar series. These webinars will explore how gaining deeper insights from your data will help you maximise your assets, optimise your supply chain, save on costs and reduce safety incidents.

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Alteryx is a software solution that allows users to quickly access, manipulate, analyze, and output data. The platform can be used as a major building block in your digital transformation journey. Alteryx allows teams to build processes in a more efficient, repeatable, less error-prone, and less risky way. 

Part 1: Unlock Key Drivers of Safety Incidents in Mining Using Alteryx

Health and safety incidents are an unfortunate by-product of the mining industry. Using Alteryx, a Regression Analysis can be performed to better understand what factors lead to these incidents, and the incidents can then be reduced by mitigating these factors. For example, if decreased manager presence is shown to lead to more incidents, this can be quickly addressed to result in fewer incidents.


  • Use Alteryx to quickly combine data from various sources to better understand safety incident occurrences
  • Perform a Regression Analysis to unlock the key drivers causing increases in safety incidents
  • Visualise the data and analysis to inform better decision making to reduce safety incidents

Part 2: Using Alteryx to Reduce Downtime with Preventative Maintenance

The mining industry has unique maintenance needs. Using Alteryx, a Classification analysis can be performed to predict machine failure leading to initial cost reduction and productivity gains. For example, not waiting until a critical mining asset has failed to perform maintenance. Equipment failure are often costly on multiple levels — downtime leads to a decrease in production, parts can be expensive and then there are the wasted expenditure on labour and energy. Accurately planning for preventative maintenance can reduce this cost.


    • Use Alteryx to quickly combine data from various sources to link maintenance schedules with component information and previous component failures
    • Perform a decision tree analysis to identify parts with high risk of failure
    • Visualise the data to inform the preventative maintenance strategy

    Part 3: Reducing Costs Through Spend Analysis and Forecasting in Alteryx

    Spend Analysis and Spend Forecasting are two of the key points in which Alteryx can greatly benefit the Mining industry. Data can be extracted from various sources and statistical procurement spend analysis can be performed which offers benefits such as Time Saving, Spend Visibility, Efficiency, Governance, and Reduced Costs. Using Alteryx analytics, analysis of suppliers and their data such as payment terms can highlight possible loss of value that occurs when buying off-contract. Additionally, with Alteryx’s reporting and automated notification capabilities, procurement spend can be managed efficiently and on time.


      • Analyse procurement spend in Alteryx and uncover key drivers causing price changes, such as on and off contract spend
      • Procurement price forecast, taking commodity pricing into account to determine optimal purchasing windows
      • Automated notifications for effective spend governance