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Title: Embracing the new digital finance era in mining

Type: On-Demand Webinar

Duration: 45 mins


As mining organisations shift out of a season of market recovery, there is an extreme focus on:

1. Exploiting Operational Opportunity
2. Optimising Cost & Profitability
3. Rebuilding Reserves

During this period of transformation, finance is well positioned to move the business forward and entrench themselves as operational and strategic partners to business.

The opportunity exists to move away from traditional finance processes that are siloed, rely on spreadsheets, are standalone and disconnected and make a move to a modern, integrated, and extended process that utilises the latest digital technologies to encapsulate everything operational and financial within the mine.

Decision Inc. has developed a Management Planning and Analytical Framework for mines that utilises the best global technologies to bring together financial reporting, analytics and planning and fully integrate them into the extended operations of the mine.

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The framework delivers operational driver-based scenario planning models for Production, Labour, Stores, Costing, Capex and Engineering. It modernises as well as optimises planning and reporting processes in a unified decision-making platform; one that aligns different departments, functions, and business managers. It enables business leaders to consolidate forecasts and performance metrics from across the entire organisation and provides them with improved visibility making them more agile and adaptable and allows them to do this easier and faster than ever before.

The outcome of this is faster turnaround for planning and analytical processes, deeper insights into route cause impact analysis, lower cost of running these processes and more meaningful and timely decision-making insights into the business.

Please join us as we showcase this solution, taking you through the integrated and extended planning and analytics framework with a detailed demonstration of the system in action.

How mining can embrace