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How Manufacturers Can Embrace The New Digital Finance Era Using Extended Planning & Analysis



Title: How manufacturers can embrace the new digital finance era using extended planning & analysis

Type: On-demand Webinar

Duration: 45 mins


Manufacturing organisations are quickly realising that to remain competitive in today’s turbulent markets they must drive a serious digital transformation effort. To achieve resiliency, efficiency and visibility, the reliance on disparate spreadsheets, standalone systems, and disconnected point-to-point solutions needs to be replaced once and for all with a much more coherent, standardised, integrated approach.

The Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) process provides finance teams with a structured approach to financial budgeting, planning, forecasting, and reporting, enabling them to inform the strategic decisions made by senior management and assess their financial impact. The challenge is that FP&A only offers a financial perspective, ignoring the activities and plans of other areas of the business which all contribute to the bottom line.

Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) – an emerging trend identified by Gartner – enables business leaders to consolidate forecasts and performance metrics from across the entire organisation. Given many manufacturers derive competitive advantage from the efficiencies they have in their processes, xP&A can enable you to scale that advantage across the entire organisation. You can integrate information from operational business areas into a holistic view of the business. This, in turn, drives better decisions.

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What you can expect

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Challenges facing Manufacturers in the Planning Process
  • Why Financial Planning & Analysis is just not enough.
  • What is Extended Planning & Analysis
  • Where you rank in the the xP&A Maturity Curve & how you progress
  • How technology enables this move


Webinar Speaker

Allan Saffy

Managing Executive: Decision Inc. South Africa

As Managing Executive of Decision Inc. South Africa, Allan Saffy has been fundamental in growing the local body of the global data, digital and performance analytics organisation. Allan’s main focus is to empower progress across manufacturing, retail, mining, healthcare, automotive and banking with solutions that tap into the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence, automation, safety, planning and management. Allan believes that technology is key to helping customers achieve their goals and transform the way they engage with their key drivers. With his extensive experience in helping organisations create lucrative information platforms that help decision makers optimise and grow their businesses, he is committed to unleashing potential and changing how different sectors in the South African market embrace digital innovation.