How Intelligent Automation makes a Big Impact on Insurance

How intelligent automation

Intelligent Automation in Insurance

How can insurers eliminate manual processing without disrupting legacy systems and find the path to ignite innovation?

Low premium growth, evolving regulations, and increased competition from new Insurtech startups are just some of the insurance industry’s major challenges. To overcome them, insurers must achieve operational excellence by streamlining their processes—back-office and customer-facing—and becoming more efficient.

Digital transformation is the answer. Even though insurance lags behind other industries in its digital transformation, it has been observed that the market has become a hotbed of digital innovation. The rapid rise of Insurtech and the creation of internal insurance innovation labs speak to the fact that insurance companies and investors recognize the opportunity for process disruption and technological advancement.

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How intelligent automation

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Learn how you can use intelligent automation to:


  • Reduce costs drastically
  • Accelerate claims closure
  • Enhance underwriting
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase policyholder retention.
    How intelligent automation