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How Forward-Thinking Finance Leaders Plan for Business Agility



Title: How Forward-Thinking Finance Leaders Plan for Business Agility

Type: On-Demand

Duration: 30 mins


Being an agile business during disruptive times is vital to respond rapidly to today’s changing market conditions.

The ability to, as a business, plan on demand for change opens the door to new opportunities and minimises the risk of threats and challenges from competitors and digital technology disruptions—this capability positions a business to gain a significant competitive advantage in today’s data-driven, fast-paced world.

The combination of Finance and modern, cloud planning processes that accelerate decision making, holds the key to driving the agility in the business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how finance leaders can–and must–play a role in digital transformation initiatives to improve agility and elevate the role of Finance.

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What you can expect

You will gain key insights on how to:

  • Start planning for the future – or make way for agile companies that do

  • Meet the ever-increasing digital transformation demands for Finance

  • Deliver strategic insights for competitive advantage

  • Have business users engaged in planning for faster decision making

  • Scale process and talent requirements in the decade ahead


Your Speaker 

Anri Keyser

FP&A Sales Executive
Decision Inc.