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Overtime and

Shift Management 

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Rapidly manage the cost and risk of overtime and shift planning within your labour force.


A common challenge facing all entities with a large work force is the ability to rapidly and consistently manage and optimise the time and cost of labour.

Whilst many companies have time and attendance systems that record time, the size and volume of the data makes gain insights rapidly difficult to manage and understand. 

A Proven Overtime and Shift management Solution

The solution enables users through the organisation from the CEO down to the shift​ planner to understand the financial and safety impact of decisions taken inside the business.

Benefits gained across the business​:

  • Enables finance to manage and predict the cost of overtime
  • Enables HR to manage safety legal limits across all staff
  • Enables Operations to develop resource plans to maximise available time
  • Enables Operations to manage contractor time and attendance against contracts


overtime reduction by global mining organisation


reduction in shifts exceeding legal limiter

Key Reporting insights:

  • Staff with more than 40 hours overtime approved
  • Staff working more than 1 shift per day
  • Days taken to authorize overtime
  • Flagging shifts over 11 hours
  • Overtime worked across Gangs
  • Jobs and Processes that attract significant overtime
  • Activity levels across days of week
  • Impact of available shifts on overtime

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