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Technology is leading the way to transform how HR departments will connect and integrate into the businesses. The opportunities to optimise HR is an exciting space to drive business improvement.

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Create a workplace where your people and business thrive with Decision Inc.’s HR solutions

Disruptive forces are constantly changing the we live, interact and work, creating an urgent need for organisations to rapidly adapt.

Organisations are fundamentally shifting with new business models, technologies, and changing expectations of the workforce. HR teams are being left trying to manage the needs of the current state of organisation while planning for the needs of the future.

This creates unprecedented opportunity for HR to play a new and vital role in shaping the way organisation are structured, compete and access talent.

In their day-to-day work, employees have more touchpoints with HR departments than ever. New technologies are allowing HR departments to build close, long-lasting relationships with employees, buid training and development that being customised to perfectly match the employee’s needs, and automation key HR processes.

HR departments must take the lead with agility and plan for the future of human resources to allow employees and business to thrive.

Transform employee experiences

Help employees get the information they need—all on their own—through easy-to-use self-service HR tools.

Optimise your HR programmes

Optimise benefits, compensation, leave and absence, certifications and training programmes.

Increase organisational agility

Adapt with a secure and scalable HR solution that’s easy to tailor, extend, and intergate.

Discover workforce insights

Drive better decisions by centralising your workforce data and using embedded analytics.

Decision Inc.’s HR Solutions have been developed with our clients to leverage the exciting potential of data

Leading Mine improves HR data quality and saves costs with labour planning solution

Global Manufacturer experiences 99% time saving in compiling staff reports

Global Manufacturer increases retainment of Top Talent to 80%

Our HR Solutions

HR Analytics

Drive better decisions by centralising your workforce data and using embedded analytics to uncover valuable insights.

Overtime and Shift Management

Rapidly manage the cost and risk of overtime and shift planning within your labour force.

Workforce Management

Optimise employee management and succession planning. Analyse staffing resources and onboarding. Assess training and education offerings. Monitor productivity trends and improve workplace relations.


Streamline recruitment and documentation. Decrease turnover. Enhance employee leads and find better quality candidates. Increase internal engagement and productivity. Improve organisational forecasting.

Benefits Management

Control staffing efficiency, benefit offerings and labor costs. Analyse compensation vs. performance. Enable benefit and payroll forecasting. Get a holistic view of total rewards from disparate sources.

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