Technology is leading the way to transform how Finance departments will connect and integrate into the business. The opportunities to optimise Finance is an exciting space to drive business improvement.

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Create a strategic finance team that delivers greater operational and financial control, enabling accurate and actionable insights to make better decisions, faster

The role of finance departments is changing dramatically and will continue to do so over the next decade, moving from primarily a number-crunching role to adopting a more strategic position in the organisation.

A recent economist study found that CFOs and senior finance executives are concerned with their ability to keep up with the pace of change and adapt quickly to changes in the business environment. But in this change there is opportunity for finance departments to thrive and adopt new technologies and tools to take advantage of current disruptions.

The increase use of transformative and intelligent technologies – such as in-memory processing, machine learning, predictive analytics, and cloud – are changing the way finance professionals work. Finance is being enabled to automate many day-to-day tasks, increase operational and financial control, deliver complete and accurate financial analytics insights and find new ways to save money and improve financial processes. All adding real business value rather than simply processing numbers and data.

Drive strategic financial decisions with AI

Assess the health of your business, improve financial controls, optimise cash flow, and make strategic decisions faster to drive growth

Unify and automate your financial processes

Enable smarter, faster actions and decisions with interactive data visualisation, giving a high-level view of key business metrics 

Reduce operational expenses

Minimise costs and optimise spending with process automation, budget control, and financial planning and analysis

Decrease financial complexity and risk

Quickly adapt to changing local and global financial requirements enabling you to easily and accurately manage your financial operations

Decision Inc.’s Finance Solutions have been developed with our clients to leverage the exciting potential of data

Reduced Planning Time by 60% in a leading SA Manufacturer

Improved Operational & Financial Integration by 200% in a leading SA FMCG Company

Decreased errors and improved data integrity in a leading SA Retailer

Our Finance Solutions

Finance Planning

Everything you need for continuous and comprehensive financial planning, reporting, and analysis. Produce accurate budgets and forecasts quickly and easily with confidence. Evaluate multiple scenarios across large data sets. 

Finance Reporting & Analytics

Combine disparate financial and accounting data into powerful financial analytics that help you reduce costs and manage risks, improve profitability and transparency, and guide more informed decisions.

Finance Close & Consolidation

Streamline financial consolidation and close, addressing complex accounting and reporting requirements.  Get full visibility into your consolidated financials at any time & anywhere.

Intelligent Finance

Gain the ultimate business advantage with an intelligent, next-generation finance system. Consolidate financial, managerial, and operational data in a unified in-memory system that accelerates performance with real-time processes and analytics.

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