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Procure to pay process is dependent whether the business leverage automation for back-office processes that have traditionally been manually performed. The spotlight has settled specifically on accounts payable and procure-to-pay.

Inefficiencies and errors in accounts payable are responsible for some of the most formidable challenges your business faces today. Think about it. Failure to procure goods or services, receive them, and pay for them on time and without errors can:

  • Disrupt your supply chain
  • Strain your relationships with suppliers
  • Increase operational costs
  • Add to the cost of goods and services

The net result: a potentially serious weakening of your competitive position in the market. In fact, AP professionals identify automation of procure-to-pay as the second-highest priority regarding the future of their profession.

According to IDC, by 2020, at least 55% of organisations will be “digitally determined.”

What does this mean? IDC describes this as the act of creating of new business models by merging the digital and physical worlds. The majority of businesses today realise the benefits of automating as much of their activities as possible using emerging technologies.

Businesses like yours already have the vision. Now, it is time to forge a clear roadmap to your digital future. This is all very well. But where—and how—do you get started on your digital transformation journey?

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