Financial Leadership:
The CFO Playbook
for Strategic


Because the CFO’s role has transcended financial functions

The New Rules of Financial Leadership

The strategic role of the CFO has become less about finance and accounting and more about becoming a strategic partner to the entire organisation. It’s especially true as 2022 promised to bring continued uncertainty along with new opportunities for growth. Pushing forward requires CFOs to get involved in the business and convey the importance of the numbers to provide more strategic guidance to the business.

Read Financial Leadership: The CFO Playbook for Strategic Decision-Making to understand how CFOs can use their financial and business expertise to inform and influence financial, strategic, operational, and other decisions and actions across the company. 

In this CFO Playbook eBook, you’ll read how more and more research is pointing to a modern CFO role that goes far beyond finance and accounting. Many strategic CFOs are taking control of workforce planning, IT, DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion), ESG (environmental, social, and governance), and more. However, about half of CEOs think their CFO lacks the business acumen necessary to effectively expand their role beyond finance and accounting. That has to change.

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