Facing the Future of Manufacturing

Learn how you can move confidently into the next normal

Shape a sustainable future with technology to help you attract, train, and retain your next generation of workers. Learn how to set your workforce up for success with this e-book, Facing the Future of Manufacturing.

There are two main ways technology is driving the future of manufacturing, and we’ll dive into each.

1. A new world means a new way of working.

How you can keep up with the changing manufacturing industry by enabling agile business practices that allow productivity from anywhere.

2. Empowering business starts with empowering employees.

How reskilling your workforce and closing the skills gap on the shop floor can keep your employees more empowered and productive.

In each section, we’ll also discuss how the right digital tools can boost productivity, efficiency, connectivity, and collaboration, and how businesses around the world are already using them to succeed in their digital transformations.

This is a chance for the manufacturing industry to engage the workforce in new ways and create a more resilient and sustainable future. Let’s explore how you can make the most of it.

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Up to 2.4 million manufacturing jobs could remain unfilled between 2018 and 2028 due to inadequate skills.

Combine the right workforce productivity apps, intelligent cloud services, and security to help you:

    • Troubleshoot and resolve issues securely and remotely so technicians are only dispatched when necessary.
    • Provide first-line workers with remote assistance and intelligent apps to guide them through best practices and help them do their best work.
    • Keep pace with increased operational, maintenance, and process complexity by augmenting human ingenuity with team collaboration tools, mixed-reality devices, IoT-enabled machines, and AI-enhanced applications.
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