Six Best Practices
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Beyond Number Crunching:

If you’re a financial controller today, you know that your role has moved way beyond number crunching, and you’re increasingly taking on the role of financial operating officer. You’ve become the CFO’s “right-hand” person, ensuring that finance runs smoothly and there are no surprises at quarter end, or on audit day.

But what does “running smoothly” really mean? Does it mean simply overseeing the day-to-day management and ensuring an efficient, accurate close? In today’s fast-paced, constantly changing economic environment, it means much more. Today’s controllers are also looking for ways to scale processes to handle high growth.

A finance department that’s running smoothly is table stakes. Today’s top controllers look for ways to improve productivity, reduce costs, and streamline processes. Automating manual tasks such as consolidation, month-end close, and financial reporting, makes this possible.

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In this e-book: Beyond Number Crunching, we will explore the six best practices that today’s best-in-class controllers follow:

  • Best Practice #1: Automate
  • Best Practice #2: Streamline
  • Best Practice #3: Turn data into insight
  • Best Practice #4: Self-service for all
  • Best Practice #5: Unify
  • Best Practice #6: Collaborate

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