Top 5 FP&A Drivers for 2021


Discover the key factors which are significantly changing Financial Planning and Analysis

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact markets worldwide, finance teams are under greater pressure than ever before to provide business-critical insights that protect the bottom line.

Even the most established enterprises are no longer able to rest on their laurels and must challenge legacy ways of working if they are to remain relevant and competitive in a changing world. Digital transformation in finance (and the entire organisation) has never been more vital.

With this in mind, download this whitepaper to discover the key drivers changing the face of FP&A in 2021.

Digital transformation needs a business-focused approach_Decision_Inc

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1: Automating the Office of Finance

Shortening and enhancing planning cycles

3: Combining zero-based and driver-based planning

Rethinking the budgeting approach

2: Improved scenario planning

Effectively aligning finance, strategy, and operations

4: Rise of the Digital Boardroom

Shifting from historical analysis to better business insights

5: Collaboration and governance

Increasing control with workflow-based approvals


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