A CFO’s Guide to Supply Chain Finance Transformation

How Driver-Based Planning Can Align Finance and Operations

Traditional financial planning and analysis solutions often fail to support the needs of today’s supply chain managers. That’s because traditional solutions lack flexible and nimble processes that can adapt to changing production and logistics needs. Sales and operations planning needs data granularity and simulation capabilities, which structured finance planning approaches typically do not provide. Siloed processes and reliance on outdated spreadsheet applications add to the challenge of unifying planning and forecasting processes. 

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According to this CFO.com E-book guide, CFOs can close the gap between operations and finance by adopting a driver-based platform.


Driver-based planning is able to:

♦     Replace disparate planning and analysis systems, while enabling data integration efficiently;

♦     Set up a control-tower type of view for finance and operations;

♦     Boost cross-department collaboration and improve transparency and accountability for business decisions.

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