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Student engagement solution.

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The Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator includes entities around student engagement and additional entities around internships, scholarships, grants, and accomplishments.


Student program


Previous education




Course history




Area of study

Extra curricular activities



Business partner dashboard

A business partner is any organization that’s willing to engage with the university for events, hackathons, internships, scholarships, or grants. With the native dashboard and PowerBI dashboards, business partners gain insights into student interest in opportunities and applications for grants and scholarships.

Student internship application status

This form tracks the status of students’ internship applications.

Student form

This Dynamics 365 form shows student information (such as contact information, course load, areas of study, degree, course history, and test scores) in the context of the app and the interface. The student record becomes the source of truth and engagement to deliver the best support throughout the student lifecycle. 

Institutional dashboard

This accelerator includes a student dashboard in Dynamics 365 and an institutional dashboard in Power BI. With the institutional dashboard, you can gain analytics and insights into students, classes, and key metrics such as students by program and demographics.


Pre-built entities

Best practices

Student engagement

Dashboards & student portals

Native CDM support

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Dynamics 365 Higher Education Accelerator

Student engagement, internships, scholarships, grants, and accomplishments solution


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