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The Vendor Reconciliation Module is a product developed for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. It facilitates a streamlined and effective process for reconciling vendor accounts. Its main features are to import supplier statements and automatically match them to invoices and purchase orders where possible, following configurable matching rule options. The matched records can be reviewed and approved for payment. 

Release Schedule

Decision Inc. is committed to delivering world-class solutions ensuring that our offerings remain at the forefront of excellence. In line with our commitment and industry best practices updates on the Vendor Reconciliation module will align with the service update release cadence from Microsoft.

A Vendor Reconciliation version will be available after each Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations service update. Requests for latest versions can be done by sending an email to [email protected].

What’s New

June 2024 Release

Enhancement: Bulk update of reasons and comments

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item: 7837, 7988, 7992

Multiple Vendor Reconciliation lines can now be selected to add Reason Codes to.  A new button has been added to save Reasons and Comments to selected Vendor Reconciliation lines.  These changes have been brought across to the Vendor Reconciliation SSRS report.

Enhancement: Securities

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item: 7983

Two new roles added:

Vendor Reconciliation Administrator

  • Duties
    • Vendor Reconciliation maintenance
  • Privileges
  • Create payment journal from reconciliation
    • Maintain vendor reconciliations
    • Maintain vendor statement imports

Vendor Reconciliation Reporting

  • Duties
    • Vendor Reconciliation enquiries
  • Privileges
    • User adjustments import view
    • View vendor reconciliations
    • View vendor statement imports


Enhancement: Vendor Reconciliation parameters grouping

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item: 8412

The Vendor Reconciliation parameters on the Accounts Payable parameters form, have been moved to a new tab called Vendor Reconciliation.

Enhancement: Setup button re-labelled to say 'Create Number Sequences'

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item: 8413

A label change was made on the Setup button under the Vendor Reconciliation parameters to better show the purpose of the button, which is to create number sequences.

Fix: Completed Vendor Reconciliation should not be editable

Internal Azure DevOps Workitem:  8418

Vendor Reconciliation data is no longer editable after completing and posting the Vendor Reconciliation.

Fix: Reconcile button availability when the Variance is zero

Internal Azure DevOps Workitem: 8421

The Reconcile button was disabled where the Variance value was zero, even when all uncleared transactions and user adjustments have had Reasons and Comments entered.

Fix: Good received not invoiced defaulting to Cleared

Internal Azure DevOps Workitem: 7995

Under the ‘Goods received not invoiced’ section, the transactions are no longer marked as ‘Cleared’ when a new Reconciliation is created.

Fix: Disable Reconcile button until submitted to workflow

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item: 8404

After workflow approval, when changes are made to the reconciliation, the Reconcile button should be disabled, because the reconciliation should be submitted to workflow again.

Fix: Manual clearing of Vendor recon not working as expected

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item: 7984

The Variance was not being updated when the Cleared option on a Vendor transaction was ticked.

Fix: Import statement matching rules

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item:7989

Modifications to the matching rules were made to account for more lenient rules.  Additional parameters were built to account for leniency in days, matching patterns, and lenient differences.  Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Fix: Variance colour not updating

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item:7985

The Variance colour did not update when the variance was zero under specific conditions.

February 2024 Release

Fix: Balances and related information are now automatically refreshed

Internal Azure DevOps Work Item: 7841

Upon clearing or removing adjustments, the balances and related information are automatically refreshed.

We strive to communicate effectively and transparently. Therefore, the release notes will be updated shortly after each Microsoft service update. For any further inquiries, please feel free to get in touch.

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