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Decision Inc. to Highlight Real-Time Innovation at Saphila 2019

Allan Saffy, Executive: Financial Planning & Analysis, Decision Inc.

Decision Inc. is proud to be sponsoring the upcoming Saphila 2019 conference taking place at Sun City from June 10 to 11. This biennial conference for SAP users to connect, create, and collaborate will see Decision Inc. showcasing its expertise in data analytics and financial planning, highlighting best-practice examples, and discussing the next-generation real-time planning of SAP.

“While Saphila provides a wonderful networking opportunity, we see it as the perfect platform to discuss how important the changing technology landscape has become, especially in the financial planning and analytics segment,” says Allan Saffy, executive for enterprise performance management at Decision Inc.

He believes SAP’s new vision for S/4 is positioning Decision Inc. as a trusted partner that can help clients deliver demonstratable business value using a real-time approach.

“This year, SAP is ushering in a major shift in where its platform is headed and how it is rolled out. With a lot of impetus on migrating to the cloud, many decision-makers are concerned about their investments potentially becoming obsolete. Decision Inc. wants to remove the noise surrounding this, examine the roadmap, and highlight where the priorities must be in this dynamic environment,” says Ignatius Richards, senior solutions architect at Decision Inc.

Saffy believes Decision Inc.’s sponsorship at the two-day event will not only highlight its track record in delivering solutions in this segment for the past 15 years but give it a platform to solidify its relationships with clients and partners in the South African market.

“We want to answer the important questions people are struggling with around what technology to use, how to use it, and how to extract demonstratable business returns from it. For us, Saphila 2019 is about knowledge-sharing and providing an opportunity to engage with existing and new stakeholders,” says Saffy.

Richards will be speaking about the next-generation real-time planning of SAP and how it has assisted multi-national brewing and beverage company Distell in analysing the volumes of data at its disposal for significant business benefits.

“Thanks to how technology has evolved, there is so much more we can do to enhance customer operations. Distell is a living example of this and demonstrates how our integrated technology approach enables a client to do all their planning and analytics from a central location,” says Richards.

Saffy adds that the way companies make decisions using data will further accelerate what SAP offers, the availability of data centres, and embracing a hybrid cloud model.

“Working with SAP provides Decision Inc. with the ability to offer customers access to a hybrid approach that opens many unique possibilities,” he concludes.

About Decision Inc.

Decision Inc. is a global leader in information-driven transformation with a core focus on data, digital and performance intelligence. Our expertise in technology and industry specialisations have enabled us to help companies around the world make better decisions faster. Our emphasis on local excellence and global scale enables us to bring clients the best of breed technology solutions that enable significant improvement whilst leveraging our Global Research and Innovation teams to accelerate the time to insight. Our local consulting teams are experts in the implementation, support, and execution of these solutions and work with our clients to deliver real results and improvement.


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